Haze Expected to Last Through the Work Week

September 16th, 2020
NOAA GOES-16 Satellites are able to see smoke from the California and Oregon Wildfires. The...
NOAA GOES-16 Satellites are able to see smoke from the California and Oregon Wildfires. The milky skies are clearly visible on the GOES-16 True-Color RGB Product.(KGWN)
Published: Sep. 16, 2020 at 12:02 PM CDT
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The haze across Wyoming as Wednesday began is the most there has been so far this week. Visibility looked to be reduced in places like Casper. Any clouds in the sky will be next to impossible to see today across Wyoming thanks to the smoke in the air. Calm winds over the next couple of days are going to keep the smoke over Wyoming through Friday. Our next storm system that will arrive this weekend will bring some moisture to Wyoming, which should help to cut down on some of the haze. If Wyoming is to see some rain over the weekend, the amount of smoke in the air will have to decrease.

The smoke of the California and Oregon wildfires isn’t just limited to Wyoming. Reports of smoke have come from as far east as New York City, where sky conditions are reported to be milky white, similar to what we have been seeing in Wyoming throughout this week so far. The southeastern US seems to be the one region spared from the smoke thus far, however Hurricane Sally is giving that region its own issues. When it comes to Wyoming, the high pressure will hang around through the rest of the work week, which will keep things dry and that wildfire smoke on top of us. A small dip in the jet stream this weekend will bring a trough to Wyoming however, bringing low pressure and a chance for some rain along with cooler temperatures. For Cheyenne the best chance of rain this weekend will be Sunday evening, while for Casper it looks to be Saturday evening. It unfortunately will not be a lot of rain for either region, as a few isolated thunderstorms are all that is expected. Severe weather for this weekend cannot be ruled out at this time, however it is unlikely.

In the long run rain chances remain extremely low across Wyoming. If the haze does clear out a good bit over the weekend, don’t be surprised if it comes right back next week when sunshine and temperatures in the upper 70s continue as summer ends and fall begins. Haze will likely be a recurring theme in Wyoming until the fires in California and Oregon are under control, and unfortunately that probably won’t be for some time.

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