Summer Conditions to Return this Weekend

September 9th, 2020
The Opening to Weather Segments
The Opening to Weather Segments(KGWN)
Published: Sep. 9, 2020 at 11:55 AM CDT
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The system that brought the Cowboy State snow this week has finally moved on (for the most part), and now it is time for Wyoming to rebound. The majority of the state will see the sunshine make a comeback Wednesday afternoon and temperatures will respond appropriately. However, Cheyenne will be stuck with a gloomy sky throughout the day, keeping the winter chill around for at least one more day. The snow itself is done, however. Rain chances are returning before the weekend, however, with a few isolated storms possible Thursday and Friday thanks to a low pressure that was cut off from the main system. This low will track northeast through Wyoming Thursday and Friday, keeping some cloud cover around the Cowboy State and also providing a few rain chances.

Severe weather is highly unlikely with this low; temperatures are just too cold following the passing of the cold front Monday evening. The rain will also be light, so not much will be offered in the way of drought relief or help for any wildfires in Wyoming or Colorado. Temperatures will be on the climb the rest of the week as well, so as this low passes the only places likely to see any snow will be the higher elevations in the mountains. Accumulations will be minimal for anywhere that does see snow from this, such as Laramie.

Come this weekend the sunshine will be back in full force with hardly a cloud in the sky, and temperatures will bounce back to the 70s by Saturday and the 80s for some locations by Sunday and the rest by Monday. Breezy conditions are expected Friday and Saturday in various locations around the state, and they could amplify a fire weather threat as the heat returns, especially on Saturday. The sunshine and warm conditions look to last through the first half of the next work week, so expect an elevated fire threat over the weekend and into next week.

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