First Snow of Fall 2020 has Arrived

September 8th, 2020
The first winter weather event of the fall season has brought icy snow to the Cowboy State,...
The first winter weather event of the fall season has brought icy snow to the Cowboy State, leading to a handful of road closures.(KGWN)
Published: Sep. 8, 2020 at 12:17 PM CDT
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The first snow has arrived and it didn’t take long for a variety of roads around Wyoming to close, including I-80 which has stretches closed both ways from Cheyenne all the way to the border with Utah. There is some good news out of this storm, however, and that is the fact that forecast accumulations have dropped. The primary reason for this is simply how warm the ground is thanks to a scorching hot Labor Day weekend. Locations such as Casper likely won’t end up with more than 3 inches. Cheyenne likely won’t see more than 5, likely capping off around 3-4. Laramie may see a bit more because of the higher elevation and temperatures that didn’t climb as high. Then there’s Rock Springs, which has essentially seen a blizzard with this storm. Wind gusts all morning have been above 74 mph, which is the threshold for a Category 1 Hurricane. All the while the snow has been piling up there because like Laramie temperatures were not as warm this weekend.

This afternoon the snow will clear out of places like Riverton and Casper. There’s even a chance these cities may see a bit of sunshine later today. The snow is expected to last all day in the southeastern part of the state, which could help Cheyenne overcome the warm ground temperatures. However, the snow will lighten up a lot come dinnertime tonight. A few flurries may last for Cheyenne into tomorrow morning. Tomorrow will be cold again and a lot of the snow will not melt. However warmer conditions will return by the weekend with the 70s and sunshine expected for most by Sunday.

Power outages could still be a widespread issue however because the snow is very slushy and wet, which is not typical for Wyoming. This could weigh down power lines resulting in widespread power loss. Additionally road conditions are really dangerous and the potential for black ice around the state is very high, once again thanks to the unusual wet snow. Anyone that can avoid being on the roads should do so.

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