Holiday Weekend Ending with Unseasonably Strong Northern Winter Storm

Winter Storm Anomaly Expected to Make Impact Monday Night
Published: Sep. 7, 2020 at 12:48 AM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - As Labor day weekend progresses. The heat has dominated the forecast this weekend and fire weather has been the headline as more wildfires have sparked up. In addition, Labor day may start off on a warm spot for some areas. However, the northern parts of the state will initially be cool from the job. Colder air will be moving in first throughout the state and following precipitation that will start out as rain through Monday afternoon and turning to wintry mix/snow Monday night early Tuesday morning.

There will be a DRAMATIC drop in temperatures Monday night; as precipitation will continue falling beware of flash freezes to occur as the ground is wet and the dramatic temperature change will cause very dangerous road conditions to develop.

Snow is expecting to fall at near 3 inches of snow per hour for an extensive amount of time. Initially the snow will be melting on the ground for the first few hours, then as the ground temperatures lower snow will begin to accumulate however, through the late night hours and early morning ice is likely to develop causing dangerous road conditions.

We are expecting for cities such as Cheyenne and Casper, we are estimating about 5-9 inches of snow fall to accumulate on the ground. Overall the amount of snow fall could be in the double digits in Cheyenne and Casper. Though a double digit temperatures will fall, it will be melting on impact.

Snowy regions will are expecting to see higher ranges of snow totals. It is highly recommended to take the necessary precautions and plan around any inconvenience created by the snow and ice conditions. Tree branches are likely to fall due to the heavy wet snow. Freezing temperatures are expected Monday night and Tuesday into Wednesday. Expect power lines to be downed and take precautions in bringing in vegetation that could be harmed from the storm, furthermore pets and animals should be sheltered indoors.

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