Hair salon in Riverton expands despite financial strain that restrictions have caused

Published: Aug. 24, 2020 at 7:06 PM CDT
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RIVERTON, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

Statewide restrictions still have taken a financial toll on small businesses. Out West Hair Station owner in Riverton is trying to expand her business services despite the strain.

With statewide requirements still affecting many local businesses, it’s more important now than ever to find local stores you can shop at in exchange for big box and chain stores, and even a local salon you can support.

Salon owner Tammy Watros noted, “It’s cost me a lot of money in masks, it’s cost me a lot of money in sanitizers, in washing, and completely thoroughly cleansing and making sure the place is sanitized.”

Watros opened up the salon in June 2019, so she was still in process of building her client base before the pandemic hit.

“It’s been a challenge from the very beginning because I wasn’t born and raised here, so you have to build up your clientele. Then, of course when this all happened, everybody’s afraid to get out and get their hair done,” emphasized Watros. She mentioned that business has picked up a little bit, but many people are still just starting to come in for appointments that are long overdue.

Watros is currently looking for a part-time hairdresser and nail technician to work out of her salon. Another way she’s working to increase her business is that she just expanded the services offered at her salon.

“She does facials, and she does eyelashes, she does micro blading, and eyeliner tattooing,” stated Watros about new services that a technician is offering at Out West Hair Station.

Watros mentioned that some people are having hair issues due to the dry conditions and high heat. She offers products in her salon that can help including Moroccan oil and conditioners, but said smoothing hair with coconut or olive oil can help. She also offered another DIY solution. She expounded that you can leave conditioner in for a little bit longer in the shower, and even while rinsing, you can leave some conditioner remaining in your hair for the day as leave-in conditioner.

“The high heat and dry conditions, I would moisten, leave the conditioner in a little bit longer, and leave some of it in when you rinse your hair. And there’s also great product out there that will help with your hair. And if you can’t afford that stuff, coconut oil always helps, and rub it through your hair, and even olive oil,” noted Watros.

The salon owner also has her own way of giving back to others that are going through financial strain right now. She sells items in her salon for friends trying to generate another source of income.

“I also sell eggs for a very close friend of mine, that went through a financial struggle. I also help my friends with key chains. I sell them and whatever they decorate, I get nothing out of it, no commission. I also sell t-shirts for another friend,” stated Watros.

Out West Hair Station has competitive prices and can take appointments, but walk-ins are always welcome.

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