Haze Moves into Wyoming Ahead of the Weekend

August 21st, 2020
Published: Aug. 21, 2020 at 11:55 AM CDT
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Clear skies are expected across Wyoming for our Friday and for much of the day Saturday, however it may not look like that outside thanks to smoke that has blown into Wyoming from Colorado and California wildfires. This has likely lowered the air quality in Wyoming a little bit, but wearing a mask will protect against the haze as well as COVID-19 for those who may be sensitive. It is going to be a hot weekend once again similar to last weekend, this time though temperatures will likely be a few degrees warmer across the board.

As for the haze across Wyoming, the wind will be shifting to the north for much of the state Friday afternoon, which should blow the smoke south. It will take time to clear everything out, but the weekend shouldn’t be as hazy as our Friday. The haze will make for a spectacular sunset later on tonight, however. Outdoor plans should be fine if they involve water, as storms are not anticipated at all this weekend with the dry pattern situated over the Cowboy State. Sunscreen will be necessary however, despite all the haze that will make it seem less dangerous. UV indices for this weekend are once again high across the state. Any outdoor activities involving burning should be avoided.

Looking ahead to next week, a shift in the weather pattern will make its way into Wyoming for the final weekend of August, bringing below average temperatures in the state and raising our rain chances, potentially offering some sort of relief as we head into the start of September.

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