Wildfire Potential is Climbing

August 11th, 2020
Published: Aug. 11, 2020 at 11:58 AM CDT
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Breezy conditions have returned to Wyoming as we move into the heart of the second week of August. This, along with severe drought conditions and hot temperatures has raised the fire risk across the state. Almost all of Wyoming is under a Red Flag warning until 8PM MDT tonight, excluding only a few locations such as Cheyenne. More Red Flag warnings are likely this week as the breezy conditions will be hanging around through at least Thursday. For Tuesday, severe weather remains a possibility for the Nebraska Panhandle, however Wyoming is basically in the clear. The Panhandle could see some storms with strong wind gusts and some hail, however the tornado risk is very low as per usual.

When it comes to the fire risk, the southwestern portion of Wyoming is at the greatest risk due to the potential for dry thunderstorms. These have all the lightning and thunder that normal storms have, however the precipitation doesn’t reach the ground, meaning a lightning strike to a very dry area could easily start a fire. That along with the breezy conditions expected for the region could be a recipe for disaster. These dry thunderstorms will be possible at least through Wednesday. Rain chances are also expected to remain very low across the state through the rest of the week and into the weekend.

The southwestern part of Wyoming is at a higher risk for fires due to dry thunderstorm potential.
The southwestern part of Wyoming is at a higher risk for fires due to dry thunderstorm potential.(KGWN)

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