President and CEO of BBB serving Northern Colorado and Wyoming outlines how to report a bad business experience

The BBB serving Northern Colorado and Wyoming website.
The BBB serving Northern Colorado and Wyoming website.(Will Thomas)
Published: Aug. 8, 2020 at 5:10 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The majority of the time you go to a business, you expect the experience to be pretty good. That’s not always the case though and the Better Business Bureau serving Northern Colorado and Wyoming encourages you to try and work out the problem with the business, but wants you to know if that does not work, you have options.

“They can go onto our website and file a complaint against the business, describe the experience they had, they can provide any substantial documentation that they might have, and what we do is we contact the business and ask them to respond,” said BBB serving Northern Colorado and Wyoming President and CEO, Shelley Polansky.

That is the first option you have and is a part of BBB’s dispute resolution process. The focus of it is to get the person and business involved, to have a conversation and work on a solution. If that does not work, BBB can also get an attorney involved that will hear both sides and make a legal decision. The dispute resolution process is best for people who want their money back or want the service redone.

The second option is going to the BBB website and reporting your experience so others can know what you went through. Polansky said BBB does reach out to the business after the complaint but whether it’s a complaint or a review, it gets published on the website.

“We do verify that the customer had an interaction with that company, and also we’ll ask the business to respond to those, but either way we publish the details of either the complaint or a customer review so that others can see it in the future,” said Polansky.

Polansky said BBB handles mostly person to business interactions and suggests for person to person transactions, that those involved contact small claims court.

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