Local animal protection officer gives tips on missing and stolen animals

A cat sleeps while waiting to be adopted at Metro Animal Shelter earlier this year.
A cat sleeps while waiting to be adopted at Metro Animal Shelter earlier this year.(Will Thomas)
Published: Aug. 8, 2020 at 4:38 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The first step in the unfortunate circumstance your pet has gone missing or has been stolen, is making a missing animal report.

“That way if a good Samaritan happens to find their pet and pick it up, then if they call the shelter with the report that they found it, or they bring it in, then the shelter can help identify who the owner is and help reunite them,” said Casper Police animal protection officer, Stephanie Tarbett.

Tarbett said social media, putting up flyers or going door to door and checking with your neighbors can also be helpful. If you believe the animal has been stolen, you can call Casper Police’s dispatch and file a report with an APO as well.

When filing a missing or stolen animal report, it’s important to include specific features about the animal. That includes something that makes the animal stand out, where it was last seen or evidence you may have of it being stolen. Tarbett said one of the easiest ways to reunite an animal with its owner is having a microchip in your animal, or having a collar with an I.D. tag. She also said it’s important to keep your personal information updated.

“A lot of people they move, or their number changes and they don’t make sure that info is updated. That can be very helpful especially if they think the animal might be stolen. If someone brings that animal into a vet clinic, or a shelter or call us, we will always scan them for a microchip,” said Tarbett.

Tarbett said they don’t see a lot of stolen or missing animal reports but are always happy to help when they do.

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