Meet Your Candidates: Laramie County Commissioner Candidate Slade Raine

Laramie County Commissioner Slade Raine talks about what he will bring if elected to a commissioner seat.
Published: Jul. 25, 2020 at 9:38 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Laramie County Commissioner Slade Raine talks about what he will bring if elected to a commissioner seat. Get the facts about him below.

-I am 20 years old.

-I currently work for Brenntag Pacific as a chemical distributor.

-I have always loved politics, and this is my very first opportunity to run for office!

-I have lived in Cheyenne since I was 5 years old, and I was born in Gillette, Wyoming.

-I chose to run for county commissioner because I think our county needs representation for the majority of citizens, and also for the next generation of adults in this county.

-I think the biggest challenge facing Laramie County is the lack of transparency between the government and the people. There is a wall between those two entities and I want to erase that and bring back the idea the elected officials work for the people. I think if we can encourage more involvement from the citizens in our government, it will improve our county in all other areas. I think it would encourage more businesses to come here that our citizens could flourish with, and it would encourage the next generation to stay here and raise their families here.

-If elected I hope I can get the community Involved in the local government more. I hope I can encourage businesses to establish here in Laramie County. I hope to expand on our oil and gas industries but also diversify and bring other jobs here as well. I hope to encourage housing that is appealing for young families and young adults. I hope to re-evaluate our budget as a county and ensure taxes are being put to the right places, because I believe they are largely being misused. I hope to keep taxes low and not add any new taxes. Lastly I hope to help Laramie County grow and prosper while maintaining the rights of property owners and listening to the voice of all people.

-I know I am young, and I know experience is not my strong point. But experience has not helped us to this point. We need representation of the next generation and also representation of all people outside of the friends of the current commissioners. I want my youth to be used as an advantage for the county. I will work all day and all night to make the changes we need. I will work constantly to meet all the needs of every citizen and ensure that Laramie County is appealing to the next generation to make sure teenagers and young adults want to stay here for years to come. Thank you all for the support and God Bless!

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