Cheyenne’s Local Business Recovery

DA officials say the support of the community is what keeps the heart of Cheyenne beating.
Published: Jul. 15, 2020 at 7:33 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - In March, the COVID-19 pandemic put the world on standstill. Drastically affecting markets and even more so, small businesses and local economies. Many local governments have taken a variety of measures in order to stop the bleeding and to help recover. For Cheyenne, it has been nothing less than a hardship to get the local economy back and flowing.

With the loss of many events and the slowing of visitors. Money flow has been slow for Cheyenne. DDA officials say the support of the community is what keeps the heart of Cheyenne’s local businesses beating.

Haylee Chenchar- Marketing Director for Cheyenne’s Downtown Development Authority, believes even after such financial losses. The DDA is still optimistic businesses will recover.

She states, “The numbers were better than expected for last month. We’re optimistic about that, and I actually just had a business owner this morning say in one of our meetings, something good that came from COVID was, our community is realizing how important our local businesses are and they come together in that regard to support them.” Haylee adds, “We still are all in this together. So, any way you can support your local business owners, and your downtown events please do. Because that’s what makes Cheyenne so great and I know we will get through this it’s just a matter of all of us supporting one another.”

The DDA plans to continue assisting in the bolstering of the local economy. With the looming uncertainty moving forward, it has been difficult for developmental and event planning to take part. Especially in the rise of COVID-19 case numbers. What they are able to assure is there will be a sidewalk sale July 22nd for Cheyenne Day. This still brings a concern to health officials which make planning for the future very difficult to navigate at this time.

Haylee says, “The health department is very nervous about even though it’s all outside. They’re worried about the rise in numbers. It’s hard for us because as you guys know there is a lot of planning that goes into events. We are afraid to plan anything big and else further down the road because there is all that uncertainty with how the numbers will play out.”

The DDA will continue to support local businesses looking to the community to stand together, to stand strong, through these hardships. We will need to in order to keep Cheyenne alive and well.

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