Record Setting Unclaimed Checks Issued

Wyoming’s Unclaimed Property Division of the State Treasurer’s Office cut a record 8,062 checks
Wyoming State Treasury issues record number unclaimed checks.
Wyoming State Treasury issues record number unclaimed checks.(Wyoming State Treasury)
Published: Jul. 14, 2020 at 6:32 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

Were you aware that more than 8,000 Wyomingites received unclaimed property checks? Payments for the year exceeded $5 million. Sean Boyd has more on the story.

Wyoming Unclaimed Property paid out more than $5.13 million to current and former Wyoming residents in the fiscal year that concluded June 30.

"As sad as it is, that's a drop in the bucket compared to states like New York that get over a billion dollars turned over in a year."


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Caption: Wyoming State Treasury issues record unclaimed number checks.

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The number of checks issued is a 32.5 percent increase over the previous record that set one year earlier.

Might you say this is too good to be true?

However, according to Unclaimed Properties of Wyoming State Treasury, all it takes is a few clicks to see if you have any money in your name.

"The Important thing to remember is it always turned over to the state of the last known address, so if you've lived in other states, you also want to check those states you've resided. It depends on the complexity of the claim if it's fast-tracked and less than $250, you'll probably get your check back in two to three weeks."

Robertson SAYS if you compare the claims paid in 2020 to 2019-- there were only 74 checks that exceeded $10,000 this year. One hundred forty-three of the checks issued in 2019 surpassed the $10,000 mark.

To see if any money is owed to you, visit the website at and see if they are entitled to any funds," Meier said. "There is a two-minute video on the left side of the page that explains how to claim the website."

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