1st Annual Happy Days in Riverton was a success

Published: Jul. 13, 2020 at 6:08 PM CDT
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RIVERTON, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay...We sure hope Riverton Happy Days is here to stay!

And the general consensus about whether they should continue this next year, is a resounding yes!

Wind River Radio Network put on a .5 K to coincide with Happy Days this year. Yes, that’s point-five! A participant of the race is hopeful the events will be held next year. He also hopes that COVID won’t be a substantial worry next year.

“Heck-yeah, it’s something to get people out and around a little bit more, as long as we can get rid of that bug,” said Frank Keralis, who entered the race.

The .5 Couch Potato race was the first ever in Riverton. Since it was the equivalent of about 2 city blocks, it was an opportunity for people of all fitness levels to join in.

Frank Keralis participated in the 1st Annual Riverton .5K Couch Potato Race on July 11,2020.
Frank Keralis participated in the 1st Annual Riverton .5K Couch Potato Race on July 11,2020.(Abby Maidl)

”I walk, and I golf and …I could make it I think (laughs)…Yeah…getting ready for the big competition here,” Keralis joked.

An officer of the Riverton Downtowner’s Committee expressed the need for a community-wide event considering the isolation people may have been feeling during the shutdown.

Traci Cooper participated in the 1st Annual 5K Couch Potato Race in Riverton, WY.
Traci Cooper participated in the 1st Annual 5K Couch Potato Race in Riverton, WY.(Abby Maidl)

“I think this is amazing. I think we’ve done a great job putting together… I think the community has backed us. I think everybody has just…they were ready. They needed something, and everything’s been cancelled and people just needed to get out and see their neighbors and see their friends,” said Traci Cooper who owns Liberty Pawn. Traci is also an officer of the Riverton Downtowner’s Committee who helped put Happy Days on. In addition to these, Traci also participated in the Couch Potato race in a unique way. She was pushed the 2 blocks in an office chair until it broke and she took a small spill on the road. She happily exclaimed there were no injuries to report!

One local teen was excited to sell her homemade ice packs. Her small business, ‘Creative Creations,” is a way to turn something difficult in her life into a positive.

“I have a shot that I take every other week, and so I got these extra ice packs that came in the mail with the shot to keep the shot cool. And I just had all these ice packs lying around with all this fabric, so I decided that I should upcycle them,” said owner of ‘Creative Creations’ Emma Hill.

Another local teen is involved in Happy Days this year with a local dance studio. Their recitals and competitions had to be cancelled due to COVID.

Sahari Rico, who has danced for Main Street dance for 10 years, said, “I was really upset because we had some really cool dances this year. And I was just bummed because we had worked so hard.”

The Roasted Bean and Java Java coffee shops sponsored dancers from 3 local dance studios to show their moves they had worked so hard to learn.

“Feels amazing, we’re able to give them something that was taken away. And everyone has had a lot taken away from them this year, so we’re able to give back a little bit,” stated Inga Tyra, one of the sponsers, and the owner of Roasted Bean and Cuisine in Riverton.

Although the future of this new event is unknown, all participants and organizers asked about it, hope it continues for many years to come.

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